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Our Patients Say It Best

It’s amazing how comfortable he makes the patient. I came across Dr.Boz and going through the reviews. I decided he is the one to consult. It was so quick. I ended up calling the office, got the appointment right away. He tested and explained what’s going on and detailed the next steps with surgery. I was worried about the cyst re occurrence and thought of one more surgery gave me a chill but he kept me at real ease. I am surprised that Dr.Boz called 2 days in a row to check on me and did follow up appointment today. Everything is absolutely fine and I am happy. Thank you.

Best doctor I found to help me with my Endrometerosis. Very caring, supportive and a expert in his field. Helped me with my Endrometerosis surgery and successfully gotten rid of it using robotic surgery. Was able to get up and move immediately after surgery with very little pain. Was able to bend and touch toes at day two. Completed light house work at day three and was driving and completing earns by day five after surgery. Went back to work after a week and feel like a new person. I highly recommend Dr. Bozdogan.

Dr. Bozdogan is absolutely wonderful. After a year of getting brushed off by doctors about my endometriosis and extreme chronic pain, he listened to me and within a month I was able to have my surgery with him. He excised my endometriosis and was able to perform surgery so delicate that most other surgeons would have not been able to operate. Most OBGYNs do not know how to properly treat this disease, but he does. He is an expert with robotic surgery and specifically endometriosis. I am so thankful I found him! Thank you Dr. Boz!

Dr.Boz is an incredibly talented surgeon that is not only very good at what he does but also has a most friendly/compassionate bedside manner.

Dr. Boz is incredible! It is very clear that Dr. Boz cares deeply about his patients, and I highly recommend him to anyone who may be suffering with endometriosis symptoms. For the first time in over 6 years, I finally feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I can begin to regain normalcy in my life.

I was so much in pain but dr.bozdogan helped an lot and made sure i was no longer in pain..he recommended the robotic surgery for the endometriosis excision which has worked wonders fr me in a short frame of time..I am so thankful to him for helping me and making me feel so much better.



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Click to read more or rate and write your own review